DCTPA History

Thirty years ago the Darke County Fairboard approached a few tractor pulling enthusiast about forming a "club" to organize tractor and truck pulls for the Great Darke County Fair. In 1982 the first OSTPA pull was held, beginning a tradition that will live on in for many years to come. Also in 1982 the Tri-County Pullers merged with the DCTPA.

Who are the DCTPA? The Darke County Tractor Pullers Association (DCTPA) is a voting member of the OSTPA and has been for 28 years. An Association that cares about our communities and the residents, the DCTPA makes donations to charities and other community programs.

Thirty years ago the DCTPA started with just 10 to 15 members and only one pull at the fair, now we are over 100 members strong and have multiple sessions of pulling scheduled for the 2010 season.

Monthly meetings of the DCTPA are held at the Greenville Moose Lodge the 1st Wednesday of each month at 7:30PM. All are welcome to join.








As an officer of the DCTPA I would like to let everyone who reads this site know that each member, puller, director and officer is a wonderful and helpful person.